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Dear reader,

The use of this web shop is reserved for dealers, shops that carry the collection of Des Pots.
As a private person, we would like to refer you to one of the dealers.

If you are unable to log in as a dealer, please contact us through sales@despots.nl.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please fill out the form under contact.

Team Des Pots

Dear customer,


Please read the information below before ordering.
* Your order through this web shop is an application. You will receive an automated confirmation of receipt after sending. A formal confirmation will be sent later.
* The system does not provide the delivery time per item. Delivery will be agreed.  Any information regarding delivery times are indicative. No rights can be derived from it.
* Detailed information such as price per piece, dimensions and water resistance can be found by selecting the product with the cursor.
* We ask you not to offer our collection through web shops.

Thanks and good luck,

Team Des Pots