About us

Since 1989, the collection of Des Pots has left its mark at home and abroad and is distributed by skilled people with fresh, beautiful and surprising interior and flower shops!

We are happy with our customers. Mutual involvement is not only necessary, it is also a source of inspiration.
Apart from our customers, we are happy with the people who make the products for us.
These suppliers are producers or workshops with their own style and specialty.
With a small team, we co-operate intensively to achieve the best results in terms of design, colour and finish.
Our aim? Designing, developing, producing and supplying glass and ceramics that touches the soul. Timeless, stylish, natural, fairytale-like, colourful, simple and personal: in our opinion it all applies.

We sell to retailers. The collection is distributed by the most beautiful flower and interior shops in Europe and beyond.
If you are interested as a private person, we ask you to contact one of our dealers.